With endless possibilities available through the home-based business industry, we have had an opportunity to help countless people. While these individuals have experienced success, it is important to realize that success is not guaranteed, but will be determined and influenced by ones own work ethic and network. 


Tessa Desiderio Snyder-

At a very young age Tessa was diagnosed with childhood cancer.  After being told she would never be able to have children, at 20 years old she wound up with a miracle.  Jacob, now 5 years old is Tessa's entire world.  After Tessa began working from home she had immediate success in helping people with their energy bills, specifically acquiring business accounts.  After 6 months of working the opportunity part-time and acquiring many of these commercial accounts, she was able to completely replace her prior income and now be a stay at home mom.

Arturo and Mahelle Tajanlangit

 There are many reasons for a person to reevaluate their lives, and for Arturo and Mahelle Tajanlangit, this moment came after a life-threatening incident that left Arturo in the hospital. While there, Arturo realized that he had no Plan B setup for his family, and the thought scared him beyond belief. If the worst had happened, his family would be left unprepared for their future. It was then and there that Arturo decided that he was not only going to find their plan b, but make it his top priority.

The answer he had been searching for working for himself from home. He knew this was more than just plan b, this was a chance for a new life. Thanks to the residual income, this was a company that would continue to take care of his family even if he no longer could.​

​Now with plan b in motion, "I am able to also work from home and enjoy every possible moment with my family," Arturo said. He set out to change his life, and with the help of a team around him, he has excelled far beyond that. Arturo now strives to show as many people as possible the inspiration and stability he found, and hopes to help them attain their dreams.

Christopher Reedman-

 A successful athlete and graduate of St. Joes University, Chris could only find work with a office supply company in the Philadelphia region; nothing to do with his field in school. He had his daughter in his early twenties and quickly became disillusioned with traditional politics and the corporate system. He started his home based business and quickly experienced success; within 18 months was able to purchase a new Mercedes Benz and retired himself from corporate Amercia- all at just 28 years old. His "why" is his daughter Ava.

From Christopher's daugher Ava after he was able to become a stay-at-home father.

Adam Minggia


Growing up in the impoverished city of Reading PA, Adam always had big plans of helping bring prosperity to the city he loved. After a successful football career, he graduated Bucknell University with a degree in Economics and quickly applied his work ethic and passion for helping people to the financial services industry. After a few years of being dissatisfied with corporate America, he was introduced to working from home and experienced immediate success replacing his full time income in 6 months. Aside from giving his family the greatest life possible, his reason "why" is to help empower individuals everywhere to achieve true freedom and live a fulfilled life.

Kathryn Puzycki

Coming from the phamaceutical industry, Kathryn broke records in her corporate position. Once she applied that work ethic with her home based business she quickly set a new standard for all to reach for. She was blessed by a college acquaintance to aid in the expansion of the Bucks County, PA. Her charisma is contagious and she absolutely loves helping people; a feeling that she rarely experienced in the corporate America structure. She has already helped so many people she was able to walk away from her high paying full-time position in less than 2 years and purchase her dream car.

Nate Nichols

College graduate. Entrepreneur. Professional. Many titles could describe Mr. Nichols.  The one word that would is determined.  Finding out about a home based business as a 18 year old freshman out-of-state college student, Nate could have had countless excuses for not participating. Unlike most people, he decided to turn those excuses into reasons "why." Nate built his business while obtaining a degree, running his other businesses, and forever being a team player.  He has easily become a role model to countless youth, and used his work from home business as a platform to inspire. 

Jessica Howard

Started in her early twenties while working as a mixologist."  Was studying real-estate when introduced to the opportunity.  Constantly having a good time, Jess is always living life. Based upon her early success she was asked to be a judge on Donald Trumps hit TV show the Celebrity Apprentice. Her "why" is to take care of her parents and brother.

Al & Cynthia Irby-

Previously having a background in corporate america Al has acted as a VP of a large company. Now a sports agent, Mr. Irby has represented many major professional athletes including NFLs Jacksonville Jaguars great, quarterback David Garrard.  Cynthia has a background as a technology teacher at a local school, as she loves teaching the youth. Both have a unprecedented desire to help people and look forward to being able to retire from their successful careers and work from home full time.

Artem Avakian & Natalia Zieba


Growing up in foreign countries, both Natalia and Artem came to USA with their families in search of the American dream. Artem, having a successful career in the aviation industry, is no pursuing his passion in film production. Artem is using his home based business to finance his first feature film and working from home has allowed Natalia to focus on her interior design projects. Raising their 16 year old daughter Lilit, is the bigger reason for both Natalia and Artem to do this business. They are both passionate about changing their family's generations and helping others do the same. 

Andrew Szwejbka


After a distinguished 14 year career in the Marine Corps, Andrew was searching for a way to provide for his family without having to go into harm’s way again.  Starting a home based business has become the answer to that prayer.  As a result of his success, his wife Amy was able to retire from her career as an RN to be a stay-at-home mom of their four children – Evelyn, Brody, Roman, and Hazel.  Today, Andrew is focused on sharing the opportunity to work from home with as many people as possible, specifically U.S. Service members who may be searching for the same opportunity he was.

Eric Lopez-Leon


Born from humble beginnings in Ponce, P.R, Eric learned the value of hard work at a young age.  He always dreamt of being able to help out not only his family live a better life, but to also help others do the same.

 Eric came to the US searching for an opportunity to excel in order to give his family a better future.  As Eric grew up he saw his mother have to work second shift to be able to provide for the family.  He began working two jobs at the age of 18 as a car salesman during the day and as laborer at a warehouse at night.  Eric grew tired of working over 80 hours a week and having no quality of life.  He was praying for an opportunity to live the real American dream and experience real freedom.

 Eric was introduced to the idea of starting a home based business and immediately recognized the opportunity for him and his family to change their lives.  Eric is now one of the most humble hard working leaders currently leading the expansion in the Latin American market.

Arthur Carr

 Currently a family man and father of 3, Art graduated from West Virginia University and started out i the social work field. It wasn't long before Art realized there was more to life then just a 9-5 job. Tired of living paycheck to paycheck just to survive, Mr. Carr set out on his own and started his first business from the ground up. Later coined as one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the East Coast, he became an integral part of several businesses involved in network marketing, consulting, team building, recruiting, motivational speaking, sales, event management, event marketing, promotions, talen booking and venue management over the past 10 years. Art has quickly climbed industry ranks and gained respect as a true businessman; watch out for his upcoming projects including international expansion with Project Feeding Kids. 

William & Amanda Wilson

  Amanda Wilson loves helping and teaching others. She saw working from home as a way empowering many people, starting with herself and in turn having that run over to the women in her family that has shaped who she is. One of those women is her grandmother, who is a breast cancer survivor. Due to her disability she lives off of a very small disability income and there are times when she can hardly afford the needs, let alone the wants in life. Her home based business will be the vehicle to support her.
 Will Wilson is unbelievably humble and extremely involved in his community. Having studied Business Administration at Wilkes University before, he now has created a very successful youth flag football league. He has always been an Entrepreneur and saw working from home as an opportunity to utilize that skill while having the ability to provide an extra income for his family. In a short period of time, this opportunity has allowed him to pursue his true passion which is youth development.  He will achieve his goal of building a home for at risk youth in the impoverished city of Reading and beyond that to other needy urban communities.
 Who are Amanda and Will together? Will and Amanda are proud parents to a son and daughter. What they love most is continued efforts to give back to the local communities such as feeding hungry children in need through “Project Feeding Kids” and also with the incredible donations to the “Ronald McDonald Houses”. What drives them both is to be able to pass along the message for people to know that they can take a stand for themselves and get their time and money at the same time.

Michael Morris

Michael was initially introduced to the idea of working from home and having a home based business 11 years ago after graduating from Neumann College for Computer Science, but timing wasn't right. Currently working full-time as a Registered Nurse after getting his second degree, he decided to take a second look. While a Registered Nurse can make good income, Michael needed to find another source of income for his expanding family. Lauren, Michaels wife was also a Registered Nurse, but needed to leave her job to stay at home with the children.  A father of 5 gorgeous daughters, he knew that was too many weddings and college tuitions to pay for on his salary and wanted to provide a better life RIGHT NOW for his family. 

Juan Shahid

Juan has a very successful background in management and sales, which spans over 35 years. A family man, Juan has a daughter and two sons. He took on this business to assist his family financially and pay for his sons college fund. Fully intending to retire in 2015, he wants to use his free time to travel and continue helping other people reach their goals.  His home based business will provide those possibilities for him and his family. 

Andrew Bartynski

Coming from the Residential Development side of construction and a family full of entrepreneurs, Mr. Andrew Bartynski has brought his passion for helping people and launched the Montgomery County, PA market. After developing leadership and business qualities from his family business, Mr. Bartynski has applied these abilities to create immediate success in his home based business. Having access to many properties and extremly large accounts, he has shown his family and others how to redirect their revenues. His focus is teaching a business owner or property manager how to reduce their liabilities and turn them into a asset. 

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