ACN attracts people from all ages and backgrounds and circumstances to the ACN Opportunity. Among those who've been drawn to the opportunity are former professional athletes Jeremy Roenick, who played in the NHL; Joe Courtney, who played in the NBA; Todd Stottlemyre, who played MLB; Lawyer Milloy, who played in the NFL; Brian Savage, who played in the NHL; and both Marques Harris and David Garard who played in the NFL; See why these already highly-successful people chose ACN.

 Former NFL player Lawyer Milloy has found a new field to play on: Find out why an All-Pro and Pro Bowl selection, Super Bowl champion joined the ACN Opportunity.

Former MLB Player and three time World Series champion Todd Stottlemyre on how he was introduced to ACN and why he won't quit!

Former NBA basketball player Joe Courtney has shared the court with Michael Jordan when he played for the Chicago Bulls. Watch as Joe Courtney describes how he beat the odds to achieve his basketball dreams, and how ACN is a gift that he is able to use to help others achieve their dreams.

Former player for the San Diego Chargers and San Francisco 49ers in the NFL, Marques Harris shares his story for joining ACN. 

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