At 20 years of age Casey V. Snyder was working three jobs while attending Neumann College as a dual sport athlete and journalism major. As the oldest of five siblings, he wasn't just looking for an opportunity to give him and his family success- he was praying for one. 

Over the years, Casey found great success as a independent business owner and entrepreneur through perseverance, adopting an attitude of gratitude, and through personal development. "I have grown up as a man through my entrepreneurial journey" says Casey. "We discovered structure and faith countless times during the journey, including supporting my mother while she battled, and beat cancer."

Today, Casey is grateful for the incredible team around him, but most of all he is grateful that he could support his family with financial freedom. "The best part is knowing this is just the beginning and how many more people we will set free. All they have to do is want to participate in their own rescue."

Former Judge on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice TV Show

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